The delicious traditional cheeses and cold cuts paired with the best wines

Los deliciosos quesos tradicionales y fiambres de Market Kitchen son el reflejo del legado de las queserías artesanales y los embutidos que incorporaron los sabores clásicos de México.

The delicious traditional cheeses and cold cuts at Market Kitchen reflect the legacy of traditional Mexican flavors.

The bar offers extremely cozy spacing, ideal to enjoy a glass of wine and traditional cheese platters. Assorted meat cuts, pates and terrines prepared with home-grown products personally handpicked by our Chef.

Taste some of the finest traditional cheeses paired with a glass of wine:

  • Cabrero
  • Flor de Atlixco
  • Aged sheep cheese

Cheese and wine, the perfect pairing

Cheese and wine pairing is always an enriching experience, for both experts and amateur fans. The wide variety of flavor combinations will allow you to have fun and explore the most diverse sensations.

Food and wine pairings are influenced by different factors: for cheese, the raw materials are key (cow's milk, goat, sheep and so on.), the processing system for each type of milk (lactic coagulation, pressed paste uncooked, washed rind, internal moldy), cheese ripening and more. In regards of wine, it is important to consider grape variety, types of wines and product processing.


Market Kitchen

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